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Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is graduate level, applied theological education that prepares one for pastoral care ministry. It brings clergy, theological students, and qualified lay persons of diverse faith backgrounds into the supervised delivery of pastoral care. The heart of CPE is ministry with patients, their family members, and clinical staff. CPE students will have opportunity to work and learn alongside professional chaplains in the delivery of pastoral care. CPE students will provide pastoral care in assigned clinical areas.

At Kettering Health, "Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people in the communities we serve through health care and education…. In the spirit of Seventh-day Adventist health care ministry, we strive to be innovative and to convey God's love in a caring environment." Kettering Health is both a healthcare and an educational institution with a rich history providing holistic health care to the Greater Dayton community.

In our CPE programs, structured group and individual learning takes place through critical reflection and dialogue on the provision of pastoral care ministry. Educational tools in the CPE process include: the presentation of verbatims and case studies; weekly reflections; interpersonal relations group; individual supervision; didactics and lectures; and discussion of assigned readings. This "study of living human documents" takes place with the context of a learning community that includes peers and a pastoral educator. Through this process of learning, students gain insight into their strengths and areas of needed growth for ministry.

Through the CPE process students will address matters of pastoral formation, pastoral competence, and pastoral reflection. Students will be able to demonstrate:

  • A deeper awareness of one's personal and pastoral identity.
  • A greater understanding of the spiritual and emotional needs of people and the ability to respond appropriately to those needs.
  • A satisfactory integration of theology and behavioral sciences in order to provide effective pastoral care.
  • An increased capacity to evaluate one's ministry.
  • The ability to work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team in providing holistic care.

Currently we offer two program formats:
CPE Residency
The CPE Residency is a 12 month program designed to prepare students for full-time chaplaincy. This is a work-study program that offers 3 units of CPE. The residency has an annual stipend of $37,000, plus benefits including health insurance at employee rates, 10 days PTO in addition to Network recognized holidays, and free parking.

To be admitted for CPE Residency, completion of 1 previous unit of CPE is required and completion of MDiv is preferred.

CPE Internship
The CPE Internship units are ideal for seminary students, community clergy, or qualified lay-ministers and are offered as summer intensive and extended units.
There is a $25 application fee. If accepted into the program, tuition is $600 per unit.

Applications are accepted all year long on a rolling admissions basis.

Certified Educator Residency at Kettering Health CPE Center
Kettering Health CPE Center is also accepting application for the position of a Certified Education Candidate Fellow. The Certified Educator Residency is an accredited program that teaches the art of Clinical Pastoral Supervision. This advanced level training program teaches students to learn the theory and practice of supervision and experience by supervising internship and residency students under the guidance and consultation of an ACPE Certified Educator.

Interested applicants would follow a two path admission processes. Part one is at the local ACPE Accredited Center with the KHN CEC Admission Council, and part two is the ACPE Certification Process, which may take three years to complete for the Associate Certification level. Certified Educator Residency is an annual appointment based upon assessed performance with an option for a fourth year as approved by KHN CPE Center faculty. Certified Educator Residency is initiated when a position is available, and the training year begins at the date of hire.

Kettering Health Network CPE Center is accredited by:
ACPE, 55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd, Suite 835, Atlanta, GA 30308
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