Open Visitation and Updated Mask Policy

Oct 18, 2022

Kettering Health visitation is open, resuming regular pre-pandemic visitor guidelines in emergency departments and hospital units.

Behavioral health patients and those coming in for outpatient testing, outpatient therapy, or office visits are encouraged to check the visitor policy with individual providers or facilities before visiting.

Masking Policy

Our masking policy is based on the CDC’s community transmission levels report

Where masks are required

Facilities located in counties that are labeled high transmission (red) will require staff and visitors to wear masks in public-facing and patient care areas.

Where masks are recommended, but not required

If the county the facility you’re visiting is labeled substantial (orange) or moderate (yellow) we recommend masks, but they are not required.

You can check your county’s transmission level with the CDC's community transmission county check.

What to expect as a visitor of a patient suspected to have or diagnosed with COVID-19:

  • You must follow all visitor instructions.
    • You must pass the facility’s entry screening process.
    • Check-in at the nurses’ station on the unit and notify staff of arrival prior to entering the patient room.
    • Before entering the patient room, you will be required to put on personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by the nursing team, which includes a gown, gloves, and isolation mask. A face shield or goggles should also be worn.
    • When entering an isolation room or area, a member of the hospital care team will help you with PPE.
    • You are allowed to bring food to the patient, but food items will not be able to be stored in the unit patient refrigerators.
    • When exiting an isolation room or area, a member of the hospital care team will help you safely remove your PPE.
    • At the end of the visit, you will leave the hospital directly.

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