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Ambulatory Experience

Our major ambulatory practice site, located at the Sycamore Primary Care Center, is approximately two blocks west of Kettering Health Miamisburg Campus. Sycamore Primary Care Group (SPCG) is an Internal Medicine clinic. This site represents the forward thinking of the Kettering Health system. This building was built for resident practices, demonstrating Kettering's commitment to residency training. Education at our program is not an afterthought.

The resident clinic is organized according to a "Partnerships" concept to improve patient continuity and coordination of care. The partnerships consist of 5 to 6 residents that share responsibilities for a group of patients and collaborate in much the same way as a group of private practice doctors. Thus, while patients are still assigned to a primary resident to manage their care, residents within a partnership cover each other's patients, handling visits, refills or other patient needs, whenever the patient's primary resident is unavailable.

We are committed to migrating the conflict between inpatient and outpatient rotations and experiences. Our residency uses an X+Y system which is variable at 8+4 or 4+4. Inpatient rotations are scheduled as two back to back experiences such as 2 inpatient blocks which could include ICU rotations and then one block of an outpatient experience. The outpatient experience may be all longitudinal continuity experience or subspecialty plus continuity clinic. This allows for longer periods in the longitudinal continuity clinics. Our variable X+Y works well for a smaller program and fulfills the commitment to protect both inpatient and outpatient experiences.

Didactic sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the 3 years of training. Other opportunities available as part of the outpatient training include participation in Quality Improvement projects and initiatives.


Jenny Hubbs, C-TAGME
Residency Administrator
Internal Medicine Residency Program

(937) 395-8997