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Resident Testimonials

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"If I had to do residency again, I would choose Kettering again and again. For me, Kettering was more than my workplace, it was my family. I was able to find the most supportive people and make great friends. I appreciated the academic opportunities as well as Kettering's mission to care for the physical and spiritual needs of our patients. Dr. Schwartz and her team are amazing. They are very approachable, understanding, and efficient. I am very grateful for the years I spend at Kettering, an experience I will never forget."

Esteban Arevalo Caro, M.D., IM Class of 2023
"Residency is challenging by design, so having support from an amazing PD, awesome Medical Education staff, and outstanding attendings and consultants that were truly invested in getting to know me and helping me to be the best possible IM physician while also helping me achieve my goal of GI Fellowship was something that I deeply appreciated. I can't stress enough how much of a difference it made to have that sense of community and support during my training (and yes, the delicious and plentiful food is nice bonus too!). If you are looking for an academics focused program that will not only train you to be an excellent and thoughtful clinician but also provide support, encouragement and a welcoming environment to train in, then I really can't think of a better place than Kettering Health Main Campus."

Harold Duarte, M.D., IM Class of 2022
"Reflecting back on the last few years at Kettering, I have come to realize how fortunate to have matched here. The amount of support from attendings and co-residents have made life in residency bearable and encouraging. Learning is also emphasized here, so facing new and meaningful challenges is expected. As a smaller program, a good amount of attention is given for each and every resident, so there is no need to fear of ever being left behind. As my time in residency comes closer to an end, I will miss the camaraderie, the environment, and the food!"

James J. Kim, M.D., IM Class of 2020
"Kettering was a great place to train and was a positive influence on my growth as a physician. There is a good variety of patients, wonderful staff, and highly supportive administrative staff for the residency program who go the extra mile to be sure you have all you need. The teaching attendings are wonderful, and the hospital is full of friendly physicians in every specialty. I found KMC to be just as it was advertised and would choose it again."

Daniel Koster, M.D., IM Class of 2019
"The Internal Medicine residency program at Kettering Health Network is full of very kind, caring, and supportive faculty and staff who are fantastic educators and mentors for great patient care. There is structured education daily consisting of relevant, up to date information that keeps residents well-informed and encourages daily learning. Teaching rounds provide invaluable real-world, bedside education that sticks in your memory and really helps you understand the logical explanation of disease and treatment strategies much better. At the same time, the kind and supportive environment offers a comfortable context to learn and become more independent as physicians. The value of the supporting ancillary staff cannot be emphasized enough. From the physicians to the nurses to the housekeeping and nutrition staff, everyone is very qualified and performs their duties at a high level, while also keeping a very professional and positive demeanor. The medical education staff is amazing and makes residents' lives as stress-free as possible. I honestly do enjoy coming in to work because of the quality of people I get to work with every day."

Vince DeMatio, M.D., IM Class of 2019
"Kettering Medical Center provides a warm, friendly atmosphere that supports academic and professional growth. The faculty are among the best teachers I've ever encountered at any teaching hospital, and they foster academic excellence and compassionate care. Kettering is one of the few programs that actively encourage its residents to participate in international electives, which serve to broaden personal, professional, and academic horizons. It's a pleasure to work and learn in an environment where the people around you truly enjoy their work."

Benjamin Hummel, M.D., IM Class of 2019

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Internal Medicine Residency Program

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