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Chief Residents' Welcome

Harold Duarte, MD Thank you for your interest in our program! I am so privileged to be taking part in maintaining the culture of academic excellence, inclusivity, compassion, and faith-based patient-centered care that makes Kettering unique.

There is a very long list of reasons that Kettering Health Main Campus is such an amazing place to complete your residency training, but I would like to highlight a couple to help you understand why I think Kettering is the place for you as you consider where you will spend the next 3 years of your career.

Culture of support
Kettering is unique in a way that we often say, "You have to see/experience it to believe it!".

Our culture has been intentionally cultivated to be positive, nurturing and inclusive, with your academic and personal growth in mind. No matter whether you are rounding with attendings, speaking with consultants, asking for help from coresidents or fellows, or just grabbing a delicious lunch from the doctor's lounge, you will find that Kettering provides a welcoming environment that encourages you to ask questions and learn.

We understand that residency is a challenging time, so your learning environment should facilitate education, not add additional challenges. Our medical education staff are nothing short of amazing and you will feel their supportiveness at every point in your training. Furthermore, our residents are always encouraged to voice their opinions and give feedback to help continually improve and strengthen our program.

Academic opportunities
At Kettering, scholarship involves many different types of activities and interests, allowing you to tailor your experiences to your goals.

You have ample opportunities for numerous publications and presentations, with some recent graduates having 40+ publications during their residency as well as writing book chapters and presenting at national conferences. There are also plenty of opportunities for those interested more in teaching and/or leadership roles both within the residency and in the hospital. For those that are more clinically inclined, you can choose to focus on spending extra time to get additional proficiency on procedures or other areas of patient management.

If you are particularly interested in fellowship training in the future, your curriculum can be customized to focus more on a chosen specialty and gain additional experience relevant to your interests. We have a strong track record of residents matching into their top 2-3 fellowships with a 100% match rate last year. To assure continued success we have developed a "Pathway to Fellowship" program that provides support and guidance from the start of your residency to help you realize your goals.

Success after graduating
Our attendings provide excellent clinical and didactic training that prepares us for success after residency. They do a fantastic job of balancing autonomy and independence with support, availability, and teaching, to give us the ability to grow into confident and proficient physicians. We see a wide variety of pathologies with a good patient workload that keeps us learning and busy. Many of our residents go on to competitive fellowships or hospitalist positions at excellent institutions and they have excelled with their skills and knowledge level from their training at Kettering. As I am now transitioning into the role of attending, I can definitely appreciate the quality of teaching and confidence that I have been provided by my training.

We also focus on preparing our residents for success on their boards, with a current 93% pass rate (3-year-rolling average). Teaching for boards is woven into noon conference didactic sessions and residents are provided free board review materials with MKSAP, UWorld and Mayo Board Review at different times during their training.

Additional perks
And of course, I can't forget to mention some of the perks of being a Kettering IM Resident that make resident life a lot more enjoyable:
  • Lots of delicious food! (Always with vegetarian options as well)
  • Free parking!
  • Low cost of living with good pay!
  • Dragon dictation devices for note-writing (saves SOOO much time and probably prevents some carpal tunnel cases from typing those H&Ps!)
  • EPIC access from home (including Dragon dictation using your phone)
  • Free Up-to-Date access (including on your smartphone)
  • Free MKSAP for all 3 years of residency (excellent national IM board review course)
  • Hospital sponsored resident activities
  • 2 recently remodeled resident lounges with lots of computers and space to work (one lounge at each hospital we work at)
If you just skipped to the bottom, you are probably someone who needs to see it to believe it! (So you should just come check it out for yourself!)

If, on the other hand, you read everything, I hope it helps explain why I think Kettering Health Main Campus is such a wonderful place to train. I look forward to meeting you and possibly having the privilege of welcoming you into the Kettering family in the future!

Best wishes,
Harold Duarte, MD


Jenny (Fitzpatrick) Hubbs
Residency Administrator
Internal Medicine Residency Program

(937) 395-8997