Patient Application for HCAP.
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Kettering Medical Center Network Application for HCAP

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    Have you applied for Medicaid benefits within the last 90 days?
    Will you be active recipient of Disability Assistance at the time of your hospital service?
    Will you have health insurance (other than Medicaid) at the time of your hospital service?
    Total number of eligible family members (including the patient) who live in the household:*
    Please list eligible family members names, ages, and relationships below.
    (Foster children and step-children are not eligible)*
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    Reported income must be for time periods prior to date(s) of hospital service.
    Total gross family income for the previous 3 months $:*
    Total gross family income for the previous 12 months $:*
    If you reported $0 income, provide a brief explanation of how you are living: