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We know what matters most when it comes to your health and life. You need convenience, human connection, and timely information from a trusted source so you can make important decisions.

With Kettering Telehealth, we make health care easier than ever, while maintaining the personal touch and guidance you need. We offer face-to-face, voice-to-voice video visits with our very own health care providers from the comfort of your home—eliminating trips to the doctor’s office when possible while allowing you to receive the same great care you expect from us.

At Kettering Health Network, we’re passionate about supporting you in your health, so we strive to meet you wherever you are and guide you through your care journey. We proudly serve individuals across southwest Ohio, from the cities or suburbs of Dayton and Hamilton to the rural communities of Greene and Miami counties.

Find out if Telehealth is right for you.

Get started by visiting Kettering Physician Network or by calling 1-844-KPN-DOCS (576-3627) to find a provider. Work directly with that provider’s office to determine whether a telehealth appointment is appropriate for your needs. Either way, the staff will help you schedule the right kind of appointment for your situation.

Get started by calling
1-844-KPN-DOCS (576-3627)
to find a provider.

What is

Telehealth uses communication technology - such as an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer – to deliver care from a provider directly to you.

Benefits of Telehealth

If you’ve ever delayed a medical appointment or ignored symptoms you’re experiencing, then rest assured that you’re not alone. Maybe you couldn’t find the time in your busy schedule, the transportation, or even the energy required to get yourself to the doctor’s office.

Even though you’re in good company, we believe you deserve the care you need when you need it—and nothing should stand in the way. Kettering Telehealth removes those barriers by using communication technology to eliminate trips to the doctor’s office whenever possible.

When you schedule a telehealth visit, you’ll meet with your Kettering Physician Network provider if you have one, not a third-party provider. After all, our providers know you, have access to your health records, and consistently meet high quality and safety standards. In fact, Kettering Health Network is the first health system in the Dayton area to offer telehealth using our very own providers.

Telehealth Services

From wellness checks to specialist consultations and everything in between, we offer telehealth services for each Kettering Physician Network outpatient service. Depending on your symptoms, your provider may be able to provide all the care you need during your telehealth appointment.

Sometimes your provider needs more information to help you make important decisions about your care. If they need to perform diagnostic testing, such as laboratory testing or imaging studies, they will order it from your telehealth visit. If they need to examine you or perform a procedure, they will ask you to schedule an in-person appointment.

Telehealth visit capabilities include:

Wellness checks
New patient visits
Follow-up visits
Specialist consultations
Disease management

What to Expect

If the scheduler determined that a telehealth appointment is appropriate for your needs, here’s what will happen in two easy steps:

Step 1

Receive a link 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment. You’ll receive this link via the channel you selected, either email or text message. Be prepared, after you click on the link, to receive pop-up messages asking for your permission to enable devices, such as your microphone. Click "yes."

Step 2

Click the link, and enter the virtual waiting room. Your provider will join you there for your appointment.

How to Prepare

We recognize that when you schedule a telehealth appointment, you are inviting us into your home. We’re happy to be there and honored to be involved in your life.

Here are some tips for making the most of your telehealth visit:

Gather your equipment

You’ll need internet access and a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a microphone and speakers so you can talk, listen, and see your provider.

Prepare your technology

Close unnecessary programs to minimize interference with streaming bandwidth. Set up your camera to be eye level or above. Test your microphone and speakers to determine if you will need a headset.

Bring Relevant Infomation

If you’ve been tracking your symptoms, bring your log to your appointment.

Invite your loved ones and caretakers to participate

These individuals are welcome and can be very helpful with contributing to your telehealth visit.

Choose a quiet location

Attend your telehealth visit in a quiet place so you and your provider can hear each other clearly.

Expect a lag on audio

When your provider stops talking, count to five before speaking.

To learn how to check in to your video visit, download our Tips for Telehealth handout.

Interested in Our Telehealth Services?

You Google your symptoms without batting an eye. Why not turn to a trusted health care professional for individualized care tailored specifically to you?

To find a provider that’s right for you, visit Kettering Physician Network, or call 1-844-KPN-DOCS (576-3627). Work directly with that provider’s office to determine whether a telehealth appointment is appropriate for your needs and to schedule an appointment.

Existing Patients: If you are an existing Kettering Physician Network patient, please call your provider’s office to schedule a telehealth appointment. Some hospital-based services may have telehealth care accommodations available. Please call now to learn more.