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Welcome to Medical Education at Kettering Health Dayton

Kettering Health Dayton

Kettering Health Dayton is one of the longest running and best-known osteopathic training hospitals in the country. The community-based hospital has 11 residency programs and one fellowship. Overall, approximately 130 residents are in training at Kettering Health Dayton at any given time.

Currently, all of the Kettering Health Dayton residency programs have received Initial Accreditation or Continued Accreditation from the ACGME.

The Internal Medicine Residency program, Family Medicine and Neurology have received Initial Osteopathic Recognition from the ACGME.

Kettering Health Dayton has been dedicated to providing our community with quality healthcare built on osteopathic tradition for over 90 years. In 1999 Kettering Health Dayton joined Kettering Health, which is composed of nine hospitals and over 100 outpatient facilities in southwest Ohio.